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10 Halen M�n - Master Classes.

The new home for Halen Môn is this purpose built Saltcote on the banks of the Menai Strait. Walkers are welcome to use the facilities on site including shop, toilets and electric charging point for bicycles, you can also learn more about the craft of salt making by joining a guided tour.

Master Class (limited to 6: pre-booking essential)
Have you ever wondered how sea salt is made? Have you ever speculated what makes Halen Môn Sea Salt different to other salts on the market? Would you like to know just how important salt is in the foods we eat? We believe our Master Classes are unique, not just in Wales but in the world. You will learn how salt is made in different places and what makes Halen Môn so special, from the sea to the table. You’ll sample different types of salt and find out how this prince of seasonings works to enhance our taste. Dressed in the full kit of an artisan salt maker you’ll harvest your own Halen Môn and blend it with a range of unique flavourings, creating your own label and product name and taking it home to enjoy in your cooking. Adults only. Price on application.

Guided tour (pre-booking recommended)
Learn how Halen Môn is made and what makes it so special, from the sea to the table. You will enjoy a film about how Halen Môn started, see harvesting and packing taking place live, (or on video if production has finished for the day), and do your very own taste test.

Adults £6.00, children and pensioners £4.00.
Masterclass numbers limited to 6.
Start point:-
 Halen M�n, SH478 654